BOMBA ESTEREO: Check these chillers out

This is a new band that I have found through a report on NPR that I heard on my radio alarm clock. They are currently blowing my mind. I am half Colombian and they basically are the band Ive always wanted to see and are representing from one of the countries of my ancestors. I love it!

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Samsung Galaxy S3: About Two Weeks In

Hi everybody, or the couple of people who will stumble upon this post and read it.  You are officially my readership.  You are the random few who open an obscure door on the internet and find yourself in the creepy attic that is JWork.  im sorry.  Only because it has very little readership at this point.  It really has very little to do with an attic.  There is that one guy though who has subscribed to my blog at this point.  I’m going to call you Bob.  Whats up Bob its great to have you back.  Thank you Bob, and all those stumblees for taking at look at this, my latest blog post.  I want to say in advance that i really didnt spend a lot of time getting all teh grammar right and stuff like that.  I suppose if i start getting a ton of people reading these things and a bunch of really angry english majors commenting on how stupid i write ill start proofing these things.  Right now i just want to get my ideas out naturally.  If you are offended by bad grammer you might not want to read any further.

I wanted to make a report on my newest gadget, the replacement of my HTC Incredible smartphone;  The Galaxy S3.  Cue gasp and then applause.

Im not going to make a dry and technical spec report complete with comparisons on number of pixel per inch and amount of ram that this puppie has against the other options available to day, i will simply say it has a kick-ass amount of pixels and a kick-ass amount of ram.  cpu power:  kick-ass ghrz.  sexy factor:  kick-ass.  Kick-ass factor:  you get the idea.

What I will do is give you an idea of some of my first impressions with a more handson approach to hopefully give you a better idea of what you might expect if you get the Galaxy S3 and were checking it out for yourself after the first couple of weeks.

First off was unboxing.  The box was super slim and modern.  inside the device is revealed and right out of the starting gate it looks big.  I coming from the HTC Incredible which is a bit on the small side but even so the galaxy S3 looked massive.  After two weeks or so, I am getting used to the size, and it is perfect.  Websites are easier than ever to navigate and read because of the extra space, as well as most rss feeds.  When I first turned the phone on, i was amazed at the brilliance and detail of the graphics I was seeing.  Again Im not going to go into how many pixels this thing has per square inch, you can look that up, but let me tell you the detail is finer than you can really distinguish with the human eye.  It will blow you away.

Even with such a big screen the device is ultra thin.  I was really amazed at how light it is and how slim it is.  It really is a lot of phone in a tiny package.

Second for me was the battery life.  I was a little concerned that the battery life would be garbage on such a powerful phone and one with such a big screen.  I have been pleasantly surprised on how well its lasted.  With heavy use i still get almost an entire day 8 to 12 hours before i need to charge.  Thats not a bad for a phone like this.  Otherwise, with moderate use, like when im at work, it lasts well into the evening probably able to go up to a day and a half.

The Samsung OS is really a great OS.  It really is easy to use and super smooth.

I really didnt spend a lot of time on this blog post.  I suppose I want my readership to think im a great source of information.  I want my blogs to be interesting even life changing for yall.  I know that i cant always achieve that.  Hell blogs rarely change someones life.  I guess the point of this blog is just to say that Samsung Galaxy S3 Kicks some serious ass.  If you are looking for a phone right now and you were like me, looking at all these comparison articles and watching youtube videos to find out if this phone is the right one for you my answer to you is just get the damn phone.  Its amazing, its faster than hell, and it screen is bloody brilliant.  Theres a hundred little shortcuts and motions that cut every corner you can think of to make it a more efficient tool.  Its camera is amazing.  I may have left out all the things that could be better and there are some, but i dont want to think of those because i already bought it and want to imagine that its perfect.  anyway i hope this was helpful and a bit entertaining, as well as life changing.

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Shook – Picture Moment

This is the YouTube video for the song Picture Moment by Shook ( I recently found this group. Im really liking the down low beat, and the smooth keys and groovy themes.

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A post on doomsday 2012!

I woke up this morning with the vague understanding that the world could not have come to an end last night at 3:12 because I was so comfortable.  There had been so much anticipation over this day that everyone is missing what I believe is the true change, the true catastrophe.  It’s an ongoing process as slow as some geological scales because it is a transmorgification of the human psyche as a whole.  It has already begun years ago and we are just now in the thick of it.  Maybe humans tend to focus on a huge armaggedon type scenario becuase that’d easier to understand, and more dramatic.  The change is now.  Just as the earth is transitioning into a new age we too can ride the wake of energy and choose a new path for ourselves or stay on the same path, that appears to be leading to our demise.  The choice is for everyone of us but for us all at the same time.

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Back to Blogging

I realized that I have this blog sitting here in cyber space, or more accurately in a data farm somewhere, in the midwest.  Wordpress’s cultivation of server stock, churing away in the summer heat, just to keep JWork up and afloat on the high seas of the world wild interwebs.

Well here i am again, and this time with more dedication to continue to add to my poor motherless child, JWork.  Its a good little boy, but i have neglected it.  I am dedicated now, or would you believe, have the best of intentions.  My intentions being to take over the world one blog post at a time — spreading the thoughts of JWork, (the sick twisted ramblings of Josh Krey, that if put together over a period of time average out to something genius (I hope)).  and taking over the world, or interweb.

“ENOUGH FOR TONIGHT!” in the world of Chris Farley in Almost Heros.  Ill call it quits for now.

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Is the Basic Structure of Space Digital?

In this months edition of Scientific American Magazine the headline article, at least in this country, is a story about whether or not the basic structure of space itself is, at its most basic level, what is called a plank length, made up of individual “packets” of information, like the ones and zeros of binary code, a sequence of on and off states that together transmit information.  This is an intriguing idea, but one that is incredibly hard to fathom as a human being.  That kind of scale, a Planck length, is way too small to ever have an implication on the macro scale world of the human being.  Although perception itself rises from just such a small-scale environment, like everything else in existence, so how do we know we don’t experience it, or some result of this digital property of the structure of space?

One Professor Hogan is the hero in our story, as he builds a device to detect the extremely subtle and elusive “fuzz” or vibration of matter caused by the underlying digital structure of space that matter resides in, and passes through as the planet hurdles through space on its course around the sun, around the milky way, around the local cluster…etc.  This is obviously a daunting task, and he even does it on a budget….only 2 million dollars…

The logic goes that if Hogan shoots a laser through a detector to a mirror, reflecting it back to a beam splitter to another detector (with a mirror at the end) and back again to the beam splitter, the result should be so carefully calibrated and dependent on distances long enough that the slightest vibration of the beam splitter (that directs the beam in both direction), caused by the “fuzz” of space, would dim the beam very slightly, proving that space is actually not smooth, but in constant buzz, like a static screen–unless, of course, that vibration is caused by a car starting, a bird dropping on the top of the facility, or an ant breathing (no actually I believe those are all to small in this case to cause real problems for Hogan, although, apparently, such environment vibrations are of real concern).


Such a discovery could lead others to formulate very important theorems about the structure of the universe and the nature of existence.  Unfortunately Hogan has no such theorems.  He merely sees his work as a possible sign post, or street light, marking, illuminating the path for others to tread in confidence.  And it would be a very important discovery for science, or at least a very important step on the long path of scientific discovery that builds upon itself, slowly brushing away dirt and dust off the screen of static, which slowly begins to come into focus as a picture that we can understand.  One that, with little sections revealed, becomes understandable as a whole picture (whether or not our previous notions of the whole were accurate, they led to the big picture).

This article, and other very interesting articles, can be found in this month’s Scientific American Magazine.

More on such subjects can be found at

My general synopsis is of the article “Is Space Digital” by Michael Moyer, and can be found in this months edition of Scientific American Magazine.

Article by Michael Moyer, “Is Space Digital”, Scientific America, Vol. 306 No. 2, Feb 2, 2012.

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Bienvenido and WillKommen

This is the first post of my blog.  I hope that this place will facilitate my ability to connect with the world, and share my thoughts, skills, talents, and personality.  I also want to develop my writing to transmit my thoughts into words.  Not easy for such a visual person as myself.  Somehow a word doesn’t contain all the complexity of emotion that i intend with just the stroke of a pen, or the complexity of emotion that I feel when i see a human face.

In this blog I have included a few main areas of interest that I will discuss and explore to develop this space.  Those areas are music, design, art, and technology.  All subjects that i am obsessed with.

I also hope that this space can be a resume, or business card of sorts to help prospective employers see my work as well as learn a little something about the person that they may or may not hire (hopefully they do).

Finally I hope this space allows me to connect with like minded individuals, eager to share and discuss those areas most important to me.  I would really like to use this whole internet thing that we are all a part of (for better or for worse) for the better.  Never before have human beings had the ability to find others of like mind so readily and even possibly on the other side of the earth.

I hope you enjoy what you find here.  Now I’m going to start adding content.